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Just got back from Deer Creek seeing Dave Matthews Band. So amazing. The camping thing sucked ass. And because of traffic, friends being late, etc we missed the first half hour of night one. But the band was great. First night was mellow and laid always is. I'm pissed that I missed the Seek Up opener but loved Shotgun and Louisiana Bayou...Warehouse was just perfect. Tripping Billies was amazing as always. Only two things really to complain about (except for the being late thing): Dream Girl...yuck. And the Sound was so low...I think they may have instituted noise ordinances since the last time we went. It sounded so much louder the second night (Saturday night v. Friday night).

Night Two:
Nothing, nothing compares to a night two concert of DMB. If you ever see DMB and you are only going to one night of a stop...go to the second night. And Night Two at Deer Creek is the most amazing thing. It was sold in even the ticket brokers like StubHub were sold out. No lawn seats...nothing. The energy was amazing. The band jammed everything out. Dave was so into it and looked like he was having a lot of fun. And the crowd was so loud and so in it. I kept thinking that the concert had to be over soon but we just kept getting more and more. And I'd think something was going to be the closer and they'd play another song. #41 was so so so SO amazing. I'd put it right behind the #41 w/Bela Fleck. And they played Two Step! I didn't think they would because they closed last year at Deer Creek with TS (the year I was in New York) and so I thought they were gonna go with Watchtower. When they started playing I started jumping up and down and making an ass of myself but I really didn't care. 21 DMB shows and I've never heard Two Step live before (except for Dave and Tim). Other highlights were Idea of You, Bartender and Crush.

Everyone was so great night two...there were a bunch of high school kids next to us and they were from Carmel which is a very upper middle class suburb of Indianapolis. We thought they were going to be stereotypically annoying and talk on their cell phones and sit the whole night (like most HS preppy kids do) but they surprised us...they were into every single song. Sure they screamed the loudest for Crash and Where are you Going but they were so into the new songs too. The girl standing next to me looked over at me doing the middle of the show and said "I'm just so overwhelmed right now, this is so good." I just smiled and said "Welcome to the Dave Matthews Band."

Little Piece of Triva: the closer of the second night Everyday into Ants was the same as the closer at my very first DMB concert almost exactly five years ago (8/11/02).

Meanwhile, I'm going to write a book or movie about my horrible camping/friends experience someday.
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I had a horrible dream this morning.  First I dreamt that I forgot that I was going to see Dave Matthews Band and I was at work and it was an hour away so  I was going to miss part of it.  Then  once I got there it was not actually where it is going to be (in an ampitheater) but rather in a smelly high school gym.  There were about 25 people there and no one really cared about listening to them.  And it wasn't DMB but rather Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds and everyone was doing other things.  And Dave was dressed like a greasy lounge singer.  And he was drunk and trying to make stupid jokes.  It was horrible. I just kept telling people...."but it's Dave Matthews!"  And no one cared. 

And it was right after another bad dream that I had about work in which I had a huge table of like 30 people and they took forever to order drinks and were just all around horrible.  It was a typical waitress nightmare. 

I think I may need to go back to sleep because I feel exhausted after all of that. 
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Love, Me.

P.S. Please play SUAD at Deer Creek this year. Please and Thank you.

P.P.S. Dave you are hot.  Call me.

Seriously, the band has not played this song as a full band in 7 years!  Seven! This cheers me up just a little. 


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