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Love, Me.

P.S. Please play SUAD at Deer Creek this year. Please and Thank you.

P.P.S. Dave you are hot.  Call me.

Seriously, the band has not played this song as a full band in 7 years!  Seven! This cheers me up just a little. 
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Please ask the nice movie people to stop using a hair straightener on your like 5 million dollar a year hair.

Thank you,

Women all over the world

P.S. You're still hot.

P.P.S.  Happy to see that the loser that had to go to asshat rehab your co-star finally got his ass fired.  I'm sure you are happy to be able to go to work in a less hand to hand combat hostile work place. 

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On my old blog over on Xanga, I predicted the breakup of you and the soon to be the texture of a leather couch from all the tanning Jessica SImpson. Glad to see I was correct. Sadly, you did not go on MTV and cry unlike a certain other ex of hers which disappoints me because I find crying guys entertaining. Still, only good can come from leaving Daisy Duke so bravo for cutting the mullet. And thank you for making me laugh with the following:

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I feel we are on a first name basis after all these letters, don't you?  Glad to see that you seem just as pissed as the fans by the direction of your TV show. Don't worry, we'll love you even if your show sucks. Also, you have an adorable movie coming out.   It looks pretty funny and my niece is already talking about the Princess movie we just HAVE to go see. 

See you on Saturday,

P.S. Happy to see you are bringing your girlfriend with you to the race.

In other news, my icon kicks ass.  Thanks to [profile] beautdisastr
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Fuck you, I'm done. You not only burned down the house, you burned down your tv show.


P.S. Read this: to see what I'm talking about.

P.P.S. To whomever made this icon, let me know and I'll credit.  Someone sent it to me and I just felt it was too appropriate not to use. 
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I hate you.  Seriously.

Love Brandi

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I love you.  Really I do.  Sometimes I love to hate you but really I do love you.  Even when you mess with Derek and  Meredith because seriously...I believe they'll get it together.  And who can stay mad at poor sad PTSD Derek when he says "I love you" all whispery and quiet like (did I mention the while being naked?)? I love you because even though I really don't know about this Izzie and George thing, when Izzie calls George her penis fish it makes me giggle.  You can make Mark hit on Mer and not make me want to kill him.  You can make me sad for Alex, Addison, and Mark all at the same time.  You can make me feel for both Mer and Derek, even when Der is being an ass and Mer is just not getting that her boyfriend watched her almost commit suicide. 

And I love you because you give me this line.  The line that made me have to pause the TiVo to let me and my friend giggle endlessly:  "Addison showed up, I had months of pain and self-loathing, crazy ranting mother and near drowning off the side of the dock, I mean, it's no fish in my ho-ho but it's certainly not an easy ride."

But seriously Grey's, Meredith needs to figure out that communication is not just giving GPS locations to your boyfriend.  It means that when he tells you he's afraid to stay with you because you might try to off yourself again, you stay and you TALK TO HIM.  You tell him what was going on in your head and about choosing to live because of him, etc, etc. 

But hey you gave me the Skinman I still love you. 

Love, Brandi


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