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Pacey is headed for Seattle Grace.  This surely means one thing....he's coming to break up the soul mates as he is wont to do.  Patrick better watch out...because if there is one person I love more than him...its Joshua Jackson. 

Hmmmm....Pacey and Meredith....
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I needed something to fulfill my "guilty pleasure spy TV" fix.  They need, need, NEED Jen Garner to guest star or, oh, Victor Garber!  I don't have much to say except I love this show. 

Pushing Daisies:

Private Practice:

I'm a week behind on this.  I really didn't like the first episode so I TiVoed the rest and just watched up until this week's as of today.  I'm liking it better.  It is slowly growing on me whereas I was waiting for it to suck me in from the get go like Grey's. 

The Office:

Loved: Everything (Best Episode of the Season)
I didn't TiVo Grey's tonight which makes me a little sad but the Office more than made up for it.  I'll catch Grey's tomorrow online.

OH!  And Jon Stewart is staying with the Daily Show until at least 2010.....YAY!
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This made my day.  This may have made my week or even month (year).  ::Sigh:: How is he so very, very pretty?

No matter how badly Grey's sucks, I'm pretty sure I will always watch it because of him.   He's hot and he's a genuinely nice guy so he deserves all the success he can get.  

Now if he can just get the Grey's writers to go for his suggestion about marrying Meredith. 
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Wow, I think I may have loved it.....

Yeah, I'm totally hooked on this stupid show again.  But, I'm going forward with very, very cautious optimism. And I don't give third chances....

And "The Office"....just made of total win.  Between the run for rabies, Michael running over Meredith, office porn (sex tapes and Jim Halpert shirtless), and the absolute perfection that was Jim and Pam holding just doesn't get better than that...oh wait it does...that moment where they admit they're dating...that made it the best thing ever. 
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How I love you.  You should really get married and have lots of adorable babies. 

Okay, maybe not...but you are still adorable.  And I will still be sucked into your evil show as long as you two are adorable. 

Exhibit of Adorableness:
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I hate you. You suck me in with all your squishy Mer/Der and then you beat me to the ground.  And just when I swear never to watch you again, you temp me with squishy promos and deleted scenes (Damn you Best Buy and your delete sex scenes!) and Patrick Dempsey smiling and telling me everything will be great this season.  Why in the back of my mind am I sure you'll just fuck me over again? 

Love, Brandi and the rest of the TV viewing audience.

PS. Why in the world were the only two scene that showed Mer/Der even touched each other for half the season cut out of the show? 

PPS: P.Demps?  If season 4're on notice. 
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Dude, Lexi Grey just go ahead and die a sweeps month tragic death aren't even on TV yet and already you annoy the shit out of me. I mean seriously, could you just try to beat Patrick Dempsey up and get fired or something. 


PS. Go within a foot of Derek and I'll make you feel super gung ho about my fist....I'm sure George will sleep with you, he'll sleep with anyone as long as its the 18th episode. 
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I had so much fun last night!  One of my co-workers is moving to Tennessee and we went out since it was her last weekend here.  We went to see this band play.  They are really great....they just cover a lot of rock original stuff.  We danced all night....I hadn't danced in FOREVER!  And I decided that I would drive everyone home so I'll I had was one Smirnoff Ice and then a bunch of cokes so it was kind of fun to poke fun a the drunk kids with Matt (who can't drink because of Meds) and not have a headache the next day.  I think that I'm going to get my sister to go out for her birthday to see the band.  She'll love it.

Okay but then I came home at like 2:30...and I could not sleep. Like at all.  I just laid there and thought of weird random shit.  Like the end of Season 2 of Grey's and how Derek was a bit slutty (not manwhore....that's George...just a bit slutty).  And then some how my brain switched to Harry Potter and I wondered ....I mean she didn't drop it? Harry carried a girls purse around?  What? 

But finally, I feel asleep and of course I had amazingly weird dreams.  Like twilight zone dreams..

All and alll, not a bad night but the end was kind of strange. 

Extra randomness:

1.  Mr. Gilmore is going to be on Grey's Anatomy!!!!  For three Episodes!!!  Mr. Gilmore!  FDR!  This may be the only reason I watch Grey's next season.  IT is the first thing I've heard about the new season that has made me excited for it to start.  Of course, I'm sure they will ruin it somehow by making the resident manwhore (or is that intern manwhore...hahahaha), George, try to sleep with him or something.

2.  What the hell happened to Dempsey's hair?  I think the show may jump the shark simply because of that haircut.  Wouldn't be the first time a show did that due to a haircut (Felicity anyone?).  It is like ultimate Derek emo hair.  Meanwhile, if Meredith doesn't look amazing next season it will be through no fault of Ellen Pompeo....maybe she'll take over the best hair title on Grey's.....

Later kids!
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It seems that maybe just maybe the ABC people are wising up to what is going down on Grey's Anatomy.  Or TR Knight refused to come back if IW remained on the show (which in my opinion he had every right to do).  In any event, I'm happy to see him gone.  People should be held accountable for their actions...even actors on high profile tv shows.  And the blame for this one is entirely on him alone.  He is the one that chose to say the word.  He is the one that chose to lay his hands on a co-worker.  He is the one that re-opened the issue by denying his actions.  Actions have consequences.  And good riddance too. 

While, I'm glad to see him go it will be interesting to see how they work it into next season on Grey's.  Obviously the first casualty of the conflict occurred when already in Season 3 when they pretty much did away with the Burke/George friendship.  Which sucked because I really enjoyed that relationsip.  I really, really didn't care too much for the Burke/Christina relationship.  It never really worked (unless they were dancing!).  But I did like the dynamic of all the attendings together.  I wonder if they will bring a new face in to the show since with Addison heading to LA that leaves only Derek and Mark.  I want to see that relationship grow but I also think there needs to be a new attending to balance things out. 

I hope Season 4 is much better than I'm dreading it to be.  However since the two lead actors are publicly expressing their displeasure with last season and are acknowledging what the fans want.  And since ABC is bringing in a consulting producer for the first half of the season and Krista V. is taking over as executive producer of the show, my hope is that things may turn around and not be as bad as I'm envisioning come September. 
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So today was a completely boring way. 

I went to the lake and hung out under a tree.  I read and took a walk and I worked on my actual multi-part Grey's post finale epic (okay so only 5 chapters but that is epic for me).  The story is coming together like a patchwork quilt.  I have the beginning and the end of the first part (but not the middle) and I have a big chunk of the fourth part completed.  I'm actually a little in love with the fourth part right now. The fourth part just flew from my brain to the page because it is largely about Der/Mer sitting by a lake...hmmmm.....

Then I went and checked on my 500 month pregnant sister.  Seriously, the girl could pop at any minute. 

When I came home, I finished up my laundry and cleaned my room...this is a shocking thing as I do not believe that I have ever seen the entire floor of my bedroom before.  But there it is.  The carpet is blue...who knew?  Sadly the rest of my house has clean laundry strewn across it.  And then there are the dishes...I hate dishes. 

After the small cleaning spree, I went and got some Mexican food and came home to watch Heroes.  I have decided to watch one episode a day rather than a bunch in a huge sitting.  Watching large quantities of never before seen good shows is how I get in trouble and turn into a fandom crazy (see Alias).

Now I'm just hanging out listening to the new Maroon 5 album.  And I'm amazingly bored once again. 

Someone needs to post a great fan fic for me to read and pass the time. 
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you can't help but slow down to see the wreckage. 

The Internet has given us a lot of insight into stuff.  We can now look up random facts in the blink of an eye.  We can communicate across thousands of miles as if a person is right next to us at any moment in time.  The Internet opens things up.  And as a huge fan of all the production and creative behind the scenes of televison and movies, this has proved equally true.  You can find obscure old TV shows, you can watch interviews with actors from years past, you can read about motives for writing episodes,reasons for picking out certain music for certain scenes, and inspiration for plotlines. 

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This is just what I needed.  This makes me giggly and squirmy and mushy inside.  This makes me think of elevators and markers and dreaminess and "Seriously!"

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Fuck you, I'm done. You not only burned down the house, you burned down your tv show.


P.S. Read this: to see what I'm talking about.

P.P.S. To whomever made this icon, let me know and I'll credit.  Someone sent it to me and I just felt it was too appropriate not to use. 


May. 18th, 2007 12:07 am
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Okay. So um...that was...yeah.  I'm confused.  I watched it twice and I'm still confused. 

Okay, first, lets get some of the little things I loved about the epsiode out of the way. 

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It can't be horrible horrible TV if it makes you angry and it makes you sad and it makes you cry and it makes you root for both sides. And I did all those things tonight.

Testing 1,2,3 )
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My paper is done.  It seems angry ranting at a televison show creator will cure your writers block on international terrorism.  This is probably because TV show creators are probably terrorists.  It feels like they are sometimes. 

So I re-watched the spinoff part of Grey's again.  Apparently I like to torture myself....and I am done with school and didn't have to work so I was bored.

Anyway... )
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I hate you.  Seriously.

Love Brandi

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I love you.  Really I do.  Sometimes I love to hate you but really I do love you.  Even when you mess with Derek and  Meredith because seriously...I believe they'll get it together.  And who can stay mad at poor sad PTSD Derek when he says "I love you" all whispery and quiet like (did I mention the while being naked?)? I love you because even though I really don't know about this Izzie and George thing, when Izzie calls George her penis fish it makes me giggle.  You can make Mark hit on Mer and not make me want to kill him.  You can make me sad for Alex, Addison, and Mark all at the same time.  You can make me feel for both Mer and Derek, even when Der is being an ass and Mer is just not getting that her boyfriend watched her almost commit suicide. 

And I love you because you give me this line.  The line that made me have to pause the TiVo to let me and my friend giggle endlessly:  "Addison showed up, I had months of pain and self-loathing, crazy ranting mother and near drowning off the side of the dock, I mean, it's no fish in my ho-ho but it's certainly not an easy ride."

But seriously Grey's, Meredith needs to figure out that communication is not just giving GPS locations to your boyfriend.  It means that when he tells you he's afraid to stay with you because you might try to off yourself again, you stay and you TALK TO HIM.  You tell him what was going on in your head and about choosing to live because of him, etc, etc. 

But hey you gave me the Skinman I still love you. 

Love, Brandi


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