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"Eighty percent of success is showing up." - Woody Allen

Don't complain about how things turn out, if you don't show up.
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Isn't he just adorable?

I think what I love most about Dave is that he doesn't try to be anything other than just Dave. And Dave is a bit of a geek. He's often rumpled and mismatched. He used to think plaid pj pants with doc martins were the height of fashion. He's got a receding hairline and is prone to being a little chubby if he's not careful. But he's Dave...and give him a guitar and a microphone and he's just...fucking hot.

This picture is the best...because as fucking hot as he can be...yeah just Dave being Dave riding his bike through the venue parking lot and he's not being pretentious about riding his bike either like some people ::cough::PatrickDempsey::cough::. I mean I'm not even sure those are tennis shoes he has on. And he apparently stopped and talked to a bunch of fans.  Cause he's Dave and he's like that. 

Credit for the pics goes to a poster on

On a somewhat related note: I realized at the concert on Friday in the middle of Warehouse that I hadn't FELT that much in a long time. The experience: the music, the energy, the lights, the emotion. I hadn't had that much going on around me in so long. I go to work. I come home. I read. I go to bed. I do it all over again. I don't FEEL things so much as just DO things. That thought made me unbelievably sad. I want to do something to change that. I don't want to go through life just doing things and not experiencing things fully.
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I had so much fun last night!  One of my co-workers is moving to Tennessee and we went out since it was her last weekend here.  We went to see this band play.  They are really great....they just cover a lot of rock original stuff.  We danced all night....I hadn't danced in FOREVER!  And I decided that I would drive everyone home so I'll I had was one Smirnoff Ice and then a bunch of cokes so it was kind of fun to poke fun a the drunk kids with Matt (who can't drink because of Meds) and not have a headache the next day.  I think that I'm going to get my sister to go out for her birthday to see the band.  She'll love it.

Okay but then I came home at like 2:30...and I could not sleep. Like at all.  I just laid there and thought of weird random shit.  Like the end of Season 2 of Grey's and how Derek was a bit slutty (not manwhore....that's George...just a bit slutty).  And then some how my brain switched to Harry Potter and I wondered ....I mean she didn't drop it? Harry carried a girls purse around?  What? 

But finally, I feel asleep and of course I had amazingly weird dreams.  Like twilight zone dreams..

All and alll, not a bad night but the end was kind of strange. 

Extra randomness:

1.  Mr. Gilmore is going to be on Grey's Anatomy!!!!  For three Episodes!!!  Mr. Gilmore!  FDR!  This may be the only reason I watch Grey's next season.  IT is the first thing I've heard about the new season that has made me excited for it to start.  Of course, I'm sure they will ruin it somehow by making the resident manwhore (or is that intern manwhore...hahahaha), George, try to sleep with him or something.

2.  What the hell happened to Dempsey's hair?  I think the show may jump the shark simply because of that haircut.  Wouldn't be the first time a show did that due to a haircut (Felicity anyone?).  It is like ultimate Derek emo hair.  Meanwhile, if Meredith doesn't look amazing next season it will be through no fault of Ellen Pompeo....maybe she'll take over the best hair title on Grey's.....

Later kids!
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Meet Laila Ann (pronounced Leyla), my new niece.

She was born yesterday morning and was a week overdue. She's adorable but I'm bias. Her sister, Olivia, is so amazing with her. She is totally taken by her and loves to hold and kiss on her. But poor Liv got so overwhelmed last night that she got sick to her stomach and threw up all night after we got home. So I was up the night before last with the new baby coming and I was up last night with a sick six year old. I am so amazingly tired. I need like 500 hours of sleep.

My sister and I were looking Laila all over today and we were joking that she is Patrick Dempsey's love child because she has a TON of blackish brown hair and she has really deep navy blue eyes. See look at her, totally mini-mcdreamy hair.

Okay, so going to sleep now.
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I am so horribly exhausted. I think I may be coming down with the plague or something. I just need to sleep. And it is WAY too hot outside. And of course, the day that I can sleep in, tomorrow, will be the day that my sister will go into labor. I just need to crash.

I am also majorly disturbed that I like a song by Fergie. I vomited in my mouth a little when I wrote her name. Ick. But I love "Big Girls Don't Cry." I actually thought it was Corrine Bailey Rae the first few times I heard it (Sorry CBR).

I have no idea what I'm writing...I'm going to go die now.
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It is Thursday!!!! Here are five reasons to love Thursday (at least for me to love it):

1. Only one more day of work before I have a day off. Yay!

2. Only one more day until my sisters due date...or as she likes to call it, the day she demands the doctor get the freaking baby out of her.

3. Thursdays are money making days at the 'Bees.

4. Studio 60 is least for two more weeks. Seriously, people watch Studio is awesome...yeah it got off to a shaky start but it has really picked up and is up to great Sorkin standards (if you don't know who Sorkin "The American President" immediately). Plus, I'm pretty sure that since the show was canceled and they pretty much knew the show was canceled, the show was written like it had nothing to lose. That means you get character development and relationships being healthy or at least issues being attempted to be is pretty much unheard of in television these days ::cough:greys:cough::. Plus, Matthew Perry is on Thursday nights again...the world is righted on its axis once more.

5. Medical, medical, medical....Thursdays mean you HAVE to watch a medical show: er, scrubs, grey's, it is a long standing tradition in my house to watch all things medical on Thursdays. Summertime means catching up on my second favorite cookey hospital...Scrubs. I love me some Zach Braff. Admit it, he has some good hair too.
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So I just bit into a snickers bar and it was green snot green, which freaked me out.  But  I looked at the wrapper and apparently it is supposed to be that way as a promotion for the new Shrek movie.  But it is like moldy green.  And what if they find out in like 10 years that the snot green food dye they used in my snickers bar causes some rare untreatable cancer? 

Which reminds me why I've been slowly making the switch to organic and natural foods.  It all started a few months ago when my dog died.  Why would that spur me to change my eatting habits?  Well, poor adorable Scottie dog Henry was fed fancy vet approved dog food by the breeder and by myself, food which was recalled.  Food that apparently had crap from China in it that caused his kidneys to shut down and for him to die a painful death.  In my research on the recall, I kept reading about food and additives that are increasingly used in everyday food that come from China.  CHina is extremely under-regulated in the food industry and their substandard food products are making their way into our food and drug supply.  This was not conspiracy theory stuff...this was being reported on by the NY TImes, Wash Post, etc. 

It just got me thinking about what I put in my body and the impact i'm having.  I mean going beyond the possible harmful affects from the food, how big of an impact am I having environmentally if some of the products in that Oreo I'm eatting are shipped all the way from China?  Al Gore would probably kick my ass for eatting the China Oreo.  Plus I just watched Super Size me and I'm never eatting fast food again (that shit is all from China). 

So I made a change...its not a total change, hence the snickers bar.  I still have pizza out, I still drink soda, and have candy bars every once in awhile but I started buying better for me food.  Organic, natural, and locally grown.  It isn't as hard as you think.  There are tons of things made organically now.  They even make organic doritos (which taste better and don't give you orange fingers).  A lot of it actually does taste better (milk especially).  And I like that when I read the ingredients list on the side of the box I know what the ingredients are rather than some long chemical formula. It can be more expensive but a) there is just me and so actually in the long run it isn't...for instance organic milk has a longer shelf life than non-organic because it is ultra pasturized, this means that I do not end up throwing out milk that has expired before I've had time to drink it.  And b) my local wal-mart, devil incarnate that it may be, has a huge selection of organic food that is reasonablely priced.  They even carry the organic shampoo that I have not been able to find since I moved from New York. 

These changes have pushed me to take other changes such as recycling (we don't have curb side recycling here so I have to take it to the university) and I've bought cloth grocery bags to use instead of plastic (and yet again Wal-Mart is the coolest place I've been about me having my own bags and they recycle old plastic bags). 

I'm not really trying to change the world or anything. I won't give you a lecture about your eatting habits or environmental impact.  I'm just doing what I feel is best for me and what makes me feel good. 

Which is not this green snickers bar which is actually making me a little queasy. 
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So today was a completely boring way. 

I went to the lake and hung out under a tree.  I read and took a walk and I worked on my actual multi-part Grey's post finale epic (okay so only 5 chapters but that is epic for me).  The story is coming together like a patchwork quilt.  I have the beginning and the end of the first part (but not the middle) and I have a big chunk of the fourth part completed.  I'm actually a little in love with the fourth part right now. The fourth part just flew from my brain to the page because it is largely about Der/Mer sitting by a lake...hmmmm.....

Then I went and checked on my 500 month pregnant sister.  Seriously, the girl could pop at any minute. 

When I came home, I finished up my laundry and cleaned my room...this is a shocking thing as I do not believe that I have ever seen the entire floor of my bedroom before.  But there it is.  The carpet is blue...who knew?  Sadly the rest of my house has clean laundry strewn across it.  And then there are the dishes...I hate dishes. 

After the small cleaning spree, I went and got some Mexican food and came home to watch Heroes.  I have decided to watch one episode a day rather than a bunch in a huge sitting.  Watching large quantities of never before seen good shows is how I get in trouble and turn into a fandom crazy (see Alias).

Now I'm just hanging out listening to the new Maroon 5 album.  And I'm amazingly bored once again. 

Someone needs to post a great fan fic for me to read and pass the time. 


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