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This made my day.  This may have made my week or even month (year).  ::Sigh:: How is he so very, very pretty?

No matter how badly Grey's sucks, I'm pretty sure I will always watch it because of him.   He's hot and he's a genuinely nice guy so he deserves all the success he can get.  

Now if he can just get the Grey's writers to go for his suggestion about marrying Meredith. 
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How I love you.  You should really get married and have lots of adorable babies. 

Okay, maybe not...but you are still adorable.  And I will still be sucked into your evil show as long as you two are adorable. 

Exhibit of Adorableness:
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I hate you. You suck me in with all your squishy Mer/Der and then you beat me to the ground.  And just when I swear never to watch you again, you temp me with squishy promos and deleted scenes (Damn you Best Buy and your delete sex scenes!) and Patrick Dempsey smiling and telling me everything will be great this season.  Why in the back of my mind am I sure you'll just fuck me over again? 

Love, Brandi and the rest of the TV viewing audience.

PS. Why in the world were the only two scene that showed Mer/Der even touched each other for half the season cut out of the show? 

PPS: P.Demps?  If season 4're on notice. 
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Meet Laila Ann (pronounced Leyla), my new niece.

She was born yesterday morning and was a week overdue. She's adorable but I'm bias. Her sister, Olivia, is so amazing with her. She is totally taken by her and loves to hold and kiss on her. But poor Liv got so overwhelmed last night that she got sick to her stomach and threw up all night after we got home. So I was up the night before last with the new baby coming and I was up last night with a sick six year old. I am so amazingly tired. I need like 500 hours of sleep.

My sister and I were looking Laila all over today and we were joking that she is Patrick Dempsey's love child because she has a TON of blackish brown hair and she has really deep navy blue eyes. See look at her, totally mini-mcdreamy hair.

Okay, so going to sleep now.
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I remembered he had a friend.

Sadly, David is still hot and I'd still jump him too.
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"I want to be clear, I will not wear pink or baby blue. I do not do flowers in my hair. I will never be seen with a bow on my ass."


Is it sad that he still is hot...even as a pretty pretty princess?
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Please ask the nice movie people to stop using a hair straightener on your like 5 million dollar a year hair.

Thank you,

Women all over the world

P.S. You're still hot.

P.P.S.  Happy to see that the loser that had to go to asshat rehab your co-star finally got his ass fired.  I'm sure you are happy to be able to go to work in a less hand to hand combat hostile work place. 

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I feel we are on a first name basis after all these letters, don't you?  Glad to see that you seem just as pissed as the fans by the direction of your TV show. Don't worry, we'll love you even if your show sucks. Also, you have an adorable movie coming out.   It looks pretty funny and my niece is already talking about the Princess movie we just HAVE to go see. 

See you on Saturday,

P.S. Happy to see you are bringing your girlfriend with you to the race.

In other news, my icon kicks ass.  Thanks to [profile] beautdisastr
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This is just what I needed.  This makes me giggly and squirmy and mushy inside.  This makes me think of elevators and markers and dreaminess and "Seriously!"

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**Cough** I feel a sudden illness coming on.  I'm pretty sure some rare flu is going to hit me around next Saturday at noon, making it impossible for me to work that day.  I'm sure seeing Patrick Dempsey in Indy lots of rest and fluids will make me much better.  **Cough, cough**

Love, your faithful employee,


To Do List:

May. 5th, 2007 12:19 pm
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1. Attend Courtney's Graduation.  Stifle urge to make comments to her about the fact that I have two degree's and half a master's degree but still work at Applebee's.  Instead wish her luck with the job hunt! 

2.  Clean house.  Stifle urge to leave house in complete disarray. No one ever comes over to my house so why should I attempt to clean it up.  No one is going to know that empty glass has been sitting on that shelf for two weeks but me and I really don't care.

3. Attempt to not fall into complete depression over the fact that I have to work so much next week. 

4.  Get out the knitting and look into getting some cats.  Boys are stupid.

5.  Not dwell on the fact that Patrick Dempsey will be within 70 miles of me at the end of May.  Not think of a list of places he could possibly be staying at so as to stalk him (Dave Matthews always stays at the Cantabury Hotel).  My goal in life is to avoid restraining orders. 

6.  Get a life.


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