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So Matt and I and his friends went to the midnight showing of Pirates last night.  I'm pretty sure we were the oldest, least emo-est, least dressed up like pirates, people there.  It was fun.  We made fun of the annoying teenagers;  I threatened a girl in front of me that I would tell her the end of the movie (before the movie started) if she didn't take the ridiculous glow in the dark necklaces she had on off. 

I'm super tired today.  I didn't get to bed until four and had to be up at ten. 
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1. I watched the Season Finale of Heroes today on my sister's DVR.  I had no idea what was going on because I had not watched an episode since the very first episode.  It was really good.  I'm sure it was even better when you know what is going on and who everyone is.  I'll have to rent the DVDs this summer and catch up for next season.  That means I'm catching up on Lost, Friday Night Lights and Hereos this summer. 

2. Veronica Mars...I did to the series finale of VM what I did to the rest of the second part of season 3....I didn't watch it.  But I will miss you VM...Season 1 and even Season 2 VM...not whatever the hell this crap was. 

3.  Lost...SERIOUSLY? 

4.  POTC3....SERIOUSLY?  I mean wait.....SERIOUSLY that was the ending? I may never watch it.....

I am currently bored out of my mind. Can you tell?


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