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Thank you for writing intelligent TV that challenges me and makes me think and for throwing some sap in along the way. Thank you for thinking that your viewers actually do have brains and use them to stay abreast of current events and politics beyond Paris Hilton AND that they also want to see their favorite characters to get together. Thanks for the sarcasm and banter.

Sorry everyone else is so lame and doesn't get it.

Studio 60 Fans

Watching the end of Studio 60 makes me wonder how the end of The West Wing would have gone down if Aaron had been there until the end. And it makes me wonder how S60 would have played out if it had stayed on the air and evolved rather than being rushed to finish in one season. Guess those will remain life's mysteries.
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It is Thursday!!!! Here are five reasons to love Thursday (at least for me to love it):

1. Only one more day of work before I have a day off. Yay!

2. Only one more day until my sisters due date...or as she likes to call it, the day she demands the doctor get the freaking baby out of her.

3. Thursdays are money making days at the 'Bees.

4. Studio 60 is least for two more weeks. Seriously, people watch Studio is awesome...yeah it got off to a shaky start but it has really picked up and is up to great Sorkin standards (if you don't know who Sorkin "The American President" immediately). Plus, I'm pretty sure that since the show was canceled and they pretty much knew the show was canceled, the show was written like it had nothing to lose. That means you get character development and relationships being healthy or at least issues being attempted to be is pretty much unheard of in television these days ::cough:greys:cough::. Plus, Matthew Perry is on Thursday nights again...the world is righted on its axis once more.

5. Medical, medical, medical....Thursdays mean you HAVE to watch a medical show: er, scrubs, grey's, it is a long standing tradition in my house to watch all things medical on Thursdays. Summertime means catching up on my second favorite cookey hospital...Scrubs. I love me some Zach Braff. Admit it, he has some good hair too.


Jun. 9th, 2007 12:35 am
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Oh Studio love continues to grow and you are just going to go away soon...very very soon.  Last night's episode was so amazingly sad and heartbreaking and so very very hopeful all at the same time.  And Bradley Whitford....I would totally marry Bradley Whitford.  Danny and Jordan are totally my new OTP. They are totally up there with Josh and Donna...well maybe.  This show NEEDS to come back and not be cancelled. 

Must use new D/J icon....


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