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1. Bah Humbug AMPTP!  Seriously, just stop trying to be bad asses and negotiate and get my shows back on the air. No one is on your side in this thing so you might as well play nice.  Go watch some Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers and learn how to cooperate and to share. 

2. I want to have John Krasinski's babies. They would be the cutest babies ever....

See now, after seeing that you want to have his babies too.  Too bad, I called him first. 

Oh Noes!

Nov. 5th, 2007 11:44 pm
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There is no Daily Show....There is no Colbert Report.  Steve Carell and Greg Daniels are trying to shut down the production of "The Office."  Grey's Anatomy only has a few episodes written.  There is no Conan or Jimmi.  Shows could be done for the season. All my new favorite shows could be done FOR THE SEASON!

Crap like "Are you smarter than a Polar Bear" and "Next Anorexic Top Tightrope Walker" is going to take over the TV if something doesn't happen soon. 

Is it the writers' fault?  Absolutely not.  The WGA isn't just big name TV and movie writers.  It is the staff writers and low budget indie writers too. They are just trying to be compensated fairly for their work that the studios ARE making money off of. 

Still.....I'll miss you Jon.  And Jim.  And Pam.  And Meredith, Chuck, Chuck,  Elliott, Derek, Ned, Hiro, Addison, Michael, Dwight, Violet, Claire, Sarah, Emerson, Cooper, J.D,  Peter, Steven and everyone else.


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