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I had so much fun last night!  One of my co-workers is moving to Tennessee and we went out since it was her last weekend here.  We went to see this band play.  They are really great....they just cover a lot of rock original stuff.  We danced all night....I hadn't danced in FOREVER!  And I decided that I would drive everyone home so I'll I had was one Smirnoff Ice and then a bunch of cokes so it was kind of fun to poke fun a the drunk kids with Matt (who can't drink because of Meds) and not have a headache the next day.  I think that I'm going to get my sister to go out for her birthday to see the band.  She'll love it.

Okay but then I came home at like 2:30...and I could not sleep. Like at all.  I just laid there and thought of weird random shit.  Like the end of Season 2 of Grey's and how Derek was a bit slutty (not manwhore....that's George...just a bit slutty).  And then some how my brain switched to Harry Potter and I wondered ....I mean she didn't drop it? Harry carried a girls purse around?  What? 

But finally, I feel asleep and of course I had amazingly weird dreams.  Like twilight zone dreams..

All and alll, not a bad night but the end was kind of strange. 

Extra randomness:

1.  Mr. Gilmore is going to be on Grey's Anatomy!!!!  For three Episodes!!!  Mr. Gilmore!  FDR!  This may be the only reason I watch Grey's next season.  IT is the first thing I've heard about the new season that has made me excited for it to start.  Of course, I'm sure they will ruin it somehow by making the resident manwhore (or is that intern manwhore...hahahaha), George, try to sleep with him or something.

2.  What the hell happened to Dempsey's hair?  I think the show may jump the shark simply because of that haircut.  Wouldn't be the first time a show did that due to a haircut (Felicity anyone?).  It is like ultimate Derek emo hair.  Meanwhile, if Meredith doesn't look amazing next season it will be through no fault of Ellen Pompeo....maybe she'll take over the best hair title on Grey's.....

Later kids!
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Today is the series finale of The Gilmore Girls, which makes me sad.  In honor of the show, here are a few of my favorite Gimore things.  I know I'm missing a bunch but here are just a few:

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I admit it...I HATED the movie 300...with a passion. And I disliked Casino Royale...there I've said it. Problems?  So's your face.

Dear god there is Drake and Josh fanfiction...and Gummi Bears.  The Internet is really a vaste wasteland.

I'm quitting school.

Luke and Lorelai are back!  So great to see a Luke Rant!

I want Ice Cream

I need to buy those energy efficent lightbulbs...and recycle. Global warming is coming to get us.

I'm pretty sure that the way they are fucking with food we are all going to be dead soon. If the Global warming doesn't get us. I'm going organic 100%.

Maybe I'll become a dog  walker and be a bum the rest of my life. 

I need direction. 

I have really boring thoughts.......


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