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It is Thursday!!!! Here are five reasons to love Thursday (at least for me to love it):

1. Only one more day of work before I have a day off. Yay!

2. Only one more day until my sisters due date...or as she likes to call it, the day she demands the doctor get the freaking baby out of her.

3. Thursdays are money making days at the 'Bees.

4. Studio 60 is least for two more weeks. Seriously, people watch Studio is awesome...yeah it got off to a shaky start but it has really picked up and is up to great Sorkin standards (if you don't know who Sorkin "The American President" immediately). Plus, I'm pretty sure that since the show was canceled and they pretty much knew the show was canceled, the show was written like it had nothing to lose. That means you get character development and relationships being healthy or at least issues being attempted to be is pretty much unheard of in television these days ::cough:greys:cough::. Plus, Matthew Perry is on Thursday nights again...the world is righted on its axis once more.

5. Medical, medical, medical....Thursdays mean you HAVE to watch a medical show: er, scrubs, grey's, it is a long standing tradition in my house to watch all things medical on Thursdays. Summertime means catching up on my second favorite cookey hospital...Scrubs. I love me some Zach Braff. Admit it, he has some good hair too.


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