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2008-03-15 08:16 pm
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Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god....

It is new stuff from the is like ten seconds but I don't care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I missed you guys!!!!
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2007-12-07 11:14 pm

Remember two things....

1. Bah Humbug AMPTP!  Seriously, just stop trying to be bad asses and negotiate and get my shows back on the air. No one is on your side in this thing so you might as well play nice.  Go watch some Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers and learn how to cooperate and to share. 

2. I want to have John Krasinski's babies. They would be the cutest babies ever....

See now, after seeing that you want to have his babies too.  Too bad, I called him first. 
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2007-11-30 03:16 pm
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What happens when Improv Actors are desperate for The Office?  They make a mockumentary of a mockumentary....

What happens when I'm desperate for the The Office?  I watch it. 

It made me laugh a little but it also made me sad.....I miss my show. 

I'm gonna go write some hot Ben and Sam fanfic now.  
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2007-10-18 10:38 pm

TV rots your brain....


I needed something to fulfill my "guilty pleasure spy TV" fix.  They need, need, NEED Jen Garner to guest star or, oh, Victor Garber!  I don't have much to say except I love this show. 

Pushing Daisies:

Private Practice:

I'm a week behind on this.  I really didn't like the first episode so I TiVoed the rest and just watched up until this week's as of today.  I'm liking it better.  It is slowly growing on me whereas I was waiting for it to suck me in from the get go like Grey's. 

The Office:

Loved: Everything (Best Episode of the Season)
I didn't TiVo Grey's tonight which makes me a little sad but the Office more than made up for it.  I'll catch Grey's tomorrow online.

OH!  And Jon Stewart is staying with the Daily Show until at least 2010.....YAY!
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2007-10-09 02:45 am
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Two year old PB&J....

I feel like a total fandom idiot.   I seem to have completely missed a crucial facet of a Jim and Pam moment....Pretty much THE MOMENT that defined Jim and Pam up until this year.  I was watching the 2nd season finale tonight.  I'd never watched it on my laptop just on the TV and I seriously had never noticed the tear that goes down Jim's cheek when Pam says she can't after he tells her he loves her.  Seriously, I missed that!!!!!!  That absolutely makes the moment!  It is a great moment but with that little detail it just  I'm so in love with this moment (and Jim Halpert). 

I need to watch everything I own up close....or maybe go to the eye doctor. 
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2007-09-27 11:09 pm

Grey's Anatomy 4x01 with a side order of Jam....

Wow, I think I may have loved it.....

Yeah, I'm totally hooked on this stupid show again.  But, I'm going forward with very, very cautious optimism. And I don't give third chances....

And "The Office"....just made of total win.  Between the run for rabies, Michael running over Meredith, office porn (sex tapes and Jim Halpert shirtless), and the absolute perfection that was Jim and Pam holding just doesn't get better than that...oh wait it does...that moment where they admit they're dating...that made it the best thing ever.