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Thank you for writing intelligent TV that challenges me and makes me think and for throwing some sap in along the way. Thank you for thinking that your viewers actually do have brains and use them to stay abreast of current events and politics beyond Paris Hilton AND that they also want to see their favorite characters to get together. Thanks for the sarcasm and banter.

Sorry everyone else is so lame and doesn't get it.

Studio 60 Fans

Watching the end of Studio 60 makes me wonder how the end of The West Wing would have gone down if Aaron had been there until the end. And it makes me wonder how S60 would have played out if it had stayed on the air and evolved rather than being rushed to finish in one season. Guess those will remain life's mysteries.

Weird Day

Jun. 17th, 2007 11:52 pm
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1. Organic doritos are my favorite.

2. I need this. I want this. I have to have this. Yes, I am a 26 year old and not a 4 year old but I still want it. The world needs more Grover and Cookie Monster. Everyone would be happier people and they would learn to CO-OPER-ATE.

3. I went to the lake and tried to write. I think I've got me some writer's block...or it was 97 degrees and I got me some sunburn.

4. I watched episodes of the second season of West Wing: In the Shadow of Two Gunmen (with Commentary), Galileo, and Noel. The ending of Noel is still my single favorite moment of television ever. The imagery of Josh's flashback to the shooting coupled with Yo-Yo Ma's beautiful rendition of Bach just....I have no words. I watched it with commentary and even Sorkin and Bradley didn't talk during that part of the episode.

Ahhh..West Wing...I still hold out hope that someday I'll find my Jed Bartlett (in the political sense).

5. Still no baby. Trust my sister's kid to be late.


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