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So...I'm too sleepy for anything but bullet points:

The Good:
  • Random sidenote: Did anyone else notice in the first scene that Kristen was wearing her gold ring? 
  • The wedding: I'm not a girly girl but that dress...especially from the back with the long veil...gorgeous. Rob and Kristen nailed the nerves and happiness of the moment. And the just went on and on and was amazing. Plus, the two songs just fit so perfectly. I loved the placement of Flightless Bird as it made you think about how far they had come.
  • The reception: The toasts were adorable and I am so so happy that the Jacob part was way less ridiculous than it was in the book. Charlie's speech was the best.
  • The beginning of the honeymoon: When it just showed the first bit of it, I was like...this is it? But when they add the bits of her remembering it....those were the hotter scenes.
  • The morning after: I'm so happy that Rob plays Edward's self loathing so much less annoyingly.
  • The second time: Rob's hand on Kristen's ass.....need I say more?  Besides that SM probably had a heart attack that E/B were going for anything besides missionary position. I do wish they had left in the next morning "how much trouble am I in" party from the book.
  • The Honeymoon: Rob and Kristen being all couple-y and cute....awesome.
  • The scene where Edward asks the housekeeper to help him....gah, I loved the desperateness in his voice. I feel like I hated movie Edward less during the pregnancy part. Mainly because how Rob really played the helplessness Edward feels so well.
  • Cutting out Edward telling Jacob to have babies with Bella...thank you Bill Condon
  • Jacob and Leah: I now understand fanfic that ships Jacob and Leah...they needed to just go have angry sex already
  • I loved the fact that they included Edward apologizing for how he acted before he heard the baby. It made it seem more believable that he was only being that way because her life was in danger rather than miraculously caring all of a sudden.
  • Rob kissing a baby bump....ridiculously adorable. The whole scene of them on the heart.
  • The CGI that made Kristen look so gaunt. My stomach literally started hurting througout the end because she looks so horrible and it is so realistic. When they show her take off the robe...the whole audience gasped.
  • The birth: thank you for it being from Bella's perspective and probably being the least ridiculous it could be.
  • Rob and a baby....ROB AND A BABY
  • Edward trying to bring Bella back: Dear GOD. Rob Pattinson played this moment to perfection. I don't care...I fucking cried at his pleading. And where he say's "baby, please."  JUST KILL ME NOW PATTINSON.
  • Bella changing....I loved the montage of all the moments...back to her being a baby.
  • The end: Ending on her red eyes....perfect
The not so good:
  • Yes the honeymoon scene should have been longer.
  • Yes the second sex scene should not have faded to black
  • The wolf pact: ZZZZZZZZZZZZ
  • When they weirdly cut to the beach and the wolf was just a random jump
  • The wolf telepathy scene...ridiculous but it was so ridiculous in the book so I don't begrudge the movie for it sucking as well.
  • Random thought: Did Edward forget he used to google things? Who the fuck uses Yahoo? He deserved to not know what was happening to Bella after that.
  • The sweater he was wearing in that scene was ridiculous as well.
  • I refuse to believe that the scene where Edward said the name Reneesme was beautiful was not take 50 after Rob laughing the first 49 times.
  • They needed to show Edward realizing Bella was alive at the kind of went from him begging her to him walking away to fight the wolves.
  • They are going to have Edward kick Jacob's ass for imprinting on his baby in the second one right?
  • Imprinting...still creepy
  • I will admit it: the Rio scene and the water scene may have been better in the millions of photos we got of them....maybe.
I kind of want there to be another press junket and for people to ask about a couple of scenes they really didn't. 1. How Rob played the scene at the end where Edward begs Bella to live. 2. The second sex scene.
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