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I needed something to fulfill my "guilty pleasure spy TV" fix.  They need, need, NEED Jen Garner to guest star or, oh, Victor Garber!  I don't have much to say except I love this show. 

Pushing Daisies:

Private Practice:

I'm a week behind on this.  I really didn't like the first episode so I TiVoed the rest and just watched up until this week's as of today.  I'm liking it better.  It is slowly growing on me whereas I was waiting for it to suck me in from the get go like Grey's. 

The Office:

Loved: Everything (Best Episode of the Season)
I didn't TiVo Grey's tonight which makes me a little sad but the Office more than made up for it.  I'll catch Grey's tomorrow online.

OH!  And Jon Stewart is staying with the Daily Show until at least 2010.....YAY!
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I feel like a total fandom idiot.   I seem to have completely missed a crucial facet of a Jim and Pam moment....Pretty much THE MOMENT that defined Jim and Pam up until this year.  I was watching the 2nd season finale tonight.  I'd never watched it on my laptop just on the TV and I seriously had never noticed the tear that goes down Jim's cheek when Pam says she can't after he tells her he loves her.  Seriously, I missed that!!!!!!  That absolutely makes the moment!  It is a great moment but with that little detail it just  I'm so in love with this moment (and Jim Halpert). 

I need to watch everything I own up close....or maybe go to the eye doctor. 


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