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Isn't he just adorable?

I think what I love most about Dave is that he doesn't try to be anything other than just Dave. And Dave is a bit of a geek. He's often rumpled and mismatched. He used to think plaid pj pants with doc martins were the height of fashion. He's got a receding hairline and is prone to being a little chubby if he's not careful. But he's Dave...and give him a guitar and a microphone and he's just...fucking hot.

This picture is the best...because as fucking hot as he can be...yeah just Dave being Dave riding his bike through the venue parking lot and he's not being pretentious about riding his bike either like some people ::cough::PatrickDempsey::cough::. I mean I'm not even sure those are tennis shoes he has on. And he apparently stopped and talked to a bunch of fans.  Cause he's Dave and he's like that. 

Credit for the pics goes to a poster on

On a somewhat related note: I realized at the concert on Friday in the middle of Warehouse that I hadn't FELT that much in a long time. The experience: the music, the energy, the lights, the emotion. I hadn't had that much going on around me in so long. I go to work. I come home. I read. I go to bed. I do it all over again. I don't FEEL things so much as just DO things. That thought made me unbelievably sad. I want to do something to change that. I don't want to go through life just doing things and not experiencing things fully.
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So I'm wandering off for a few days...I'm headed to Indy for two nights of Dave Matthews Band. Super excited....pretty much a big party for 3 days. And then on Sunday, it's my friend Chad's birthday so I'm gonna buy him a bottle of not tequila...maybe rum.

I leave everyone with this to tide you over the weekend...the cutest little boy ever...

And the best band in the world...

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I first read about this issue on the Dave Matthews Band fansite, right after the April Radio City Music Hall show. Dave had told a story about an article he read in "The Nation" about an Iraq War veteran, Jonathan Town, who had been injured in the line of duty and upon his return from Iraq was discharged after being diagnosed with a pre-existing personality disorder which in reality was more likely a result of his injury in Iraq. The soldier was one of thousands of soldiers who are being diagnosed with pre-existing personality disorders AFTER they have served in Iraq (after they had gone through psychological screening to be combat ready), when in reality their conditions are due to either being injured or suffering from PTSD. These soldiers are discharged and lose their medical benefits and in many cases are required to REPAY part of their enlistment bonuses (which can be in thousands of dollars).

The fact that this was happening was shocking. One reason given for the possibility for this happening is if the soldiers were diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, then the military would be liable for their medical care for this problem for as long as needed. In other words...they are trying to save some money. Some people from found the soldier's contact info and sent him some money but there are thousands of soldiers just like him. The Dave Matthews Band started a petition online that they plan to send to the Secretary of Defense about the issue. Some Senators got together and sent a letter to the SoD about the issue.

I just think it is an issue that everyone should be aware of. No matter your beliefs about the Iraq war, everyone should be affected and moved by what is happening to these soldiers. Bob Woodward did a piece on the subject last night on Nightline. He even interviewed Dave Matthews for the piece. As, Dave mentions, Jonathan Town's case was later reversed and he received benefits from the military...other soldiers are not as lucky. Here is Dave's Interview....

Please sign DMB's petition and let your friends know about this issue.

Meanwhile, on a completely shallow note...the new Radio City Music Hall DVD, which is previewed in Dave's Interview (unintentionally) looks amazing.


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