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I feel like I have to write this somewhere. I doubt anyone still reads this LJ since I don't update it anymore. But here goes.

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Tick Tock

Jun. 6th, 2008 10:58 pm
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Patience is for losers.
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Please let it be Wednesday already.  I'm ready for the general election.
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I am so proud to be a support of this man.  
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"Eighty percent of success is showing up." - Woody Allen

Don't complain about how things turn out, if you don't show up.
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The Terre Haute Tribune has an even better headline: Hope and Change.  Here it is in pdf format:
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It is new stuff from the is like ten seconds but I don't care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I missed you guys!!!!
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Yes we can, Wyoming!!!!!
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Students from Texas Prairie View A&M march the 7.2 miles to their CLOSEST designated early polling location.
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George Bush has a 19% approval rating....

I am pretty sure I could AT LEAST a 20% approval rating.....maybe I should be president.....
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We won. We won. We won, we won, we won.  We won. We won. We won, we won, we won.   9-0 10-0!
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Hillary Clinton is defeated by a WIDE margin....

I would like those 3 minutes and my ear drums back now please Senator. 
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Don't you wish you were this cute?
Seriously, how you could pick anyone other than that face? I just want to put him in my pocket!

Beagles are the best dogs ever....just ask Charlie Brown. 
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Barack Obama beat Hilary Clinton by a wide margin in Virginia Virginia, Maryland, and DC. Meanwhile they actually extended voting in Maryland by 1.5 hours due to weather AND because of VOTER TURNOUT

The Writer's Strike is more than likely  over as of today!!!!   I get 6 episodes of the Office coming my way!!!!

Not to shabby for a Tuesday. 
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Honey.....please take the hat off.  It is interfering with your sexiness.....of course if you need to be consoled because of your crappy team's suckage...I'm here to cuddle. 


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