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I needed something to fulfill my "guilty pleasure spy TV" fix.  They need, need, NEED Jen Garner to guest star or, oh, Victor Garber!  I don't have much to say except I love this show. 

Pushing Daisies:

Just the most adorable show on TV.  I absolutely love how story book it is and at the same time it has all the little modern touches (like "I always wanted to be a Jedi").  And the line "Mind over matter, makes Pooh fatter" was just FTW.  The plastic wrap kiss was so genius.  I love the concept of the show in that it does the will they/won't they stuff in a completely brand new way.  It is requited unresolved cool is that. 

Private Practice:

I'm a week behind on this.  I really didn't like the first episode so I TiVoed the rest and just watched up until this week's as of today.  I'm liking it better.  It is slowly growing on me whereas I was waiting for it to suck me in from the get go like Grey's. 

The Office:

Loved: Everything (Best Episode of the Season)
  • Season 1 call backs: Dwight knocking Jim's stuff off with a ruler,
  • Season 2 call backs: The Dundies!  Scrantonicity, The Casino Night Kiss Re-Do!  Just awwwwww.....
  • Season 3 call backs: Andy reminding Pam he punched the wall, Mose and the Beet farm, No one going to Kevin's band's gig (like no one went to Pam's art show), Jim admitting he went a little crazy in Season 3, Jim comforting a crying Dwight like Dwight comforted Pam in Season 3, Harry Potter
  • Loved the Kelly/Darryl. Loved: "access your un-crazy side"
  • I actually liked Jan and Michael tonight
  • Loved the whomever/whoever talk especially Kelly's "Ryan used me as an object"
  • JAM: The snuggling in bed was adorable, as was later when it showed they had pushed the beds together (over Jim's VO of "you'll never want to leave your room". Jim talking about when he lost Pam to Dwight was just so sad and sweet at the same time.  And him walking into the office and kissing her was just made of win.  As was her trying to hide her smile behind the paper.  And the whole passionate about Italian/in love with Italian was just so sweet and made me giggly.
I didn't TiVo Grey's tonight which makes me a little sad but the Office more than made up for it.  I'll catch Grey's tomorrow online.

OH!  And Jon Stewart is staying with the Daily Show until at least 2010.....YAY!


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