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Wow, I think I may have loved it.....

First, things I didn't like:
  • Gizzie....ew...vomit...go die or something already.
  • The new interns....rude, whiny in a non-fun way, and way too retarded when telling George how cool he was.
  • The two sentences that Derek and Lexie exchanged....just completely stay away from each other okay?
  • The Dad of the boy with the deer was too was the guy who ate everything.
  • Dempsey's hair....
  • Alex's hair...and ugly early 90's goatee
  • I miss Addison and I'm sad we never got to see closure between Addison and Derek and Addison and Mark.
  • I miss Burke (even though I'm glad, the actor is gone)
Things I loved:
  • The Deer...yeah that was completely cheesy but when it popped up, Izzie's face was priceless. And I loved her speech to her sucky interns.
  • The decapitated head guy.  Oh, that just made me cry.  And Christina telling him he had to live was just great.  And basically, just loved the fact that there were PATIENTS...and they INTERACTED with them (without falling for them)....there were too many SURGERIES last season and not enough PATIENTS.  That felt very old school grey's to me. Which leads me to...
  • DEREK HAD A PATIENT!  AND HE INTERACTED WITH THE was amazing. He actually did stuff other than mope or talk to Meredith or flirt with her sister.  He did a kick ass surgery.  He tried to make friends (Hee).  And he was hit on by Mark. 
  • Mark Sloan and the sentences of Unrequited Love:  Best. Line/Deliver/Reaction.Ever.
  • Christina and Derek's talk
  • Christina and Alex's talk.
  • George and Lexie's talk....maybe I won't hate her. I mean she's no Addison but I don't hate her.  I don't love her either.
  • Miranda Bailey...taking names.
  • Derek gets Meredith.  That is all that I've ever wanted out of a TV show is for one character to understand the obvious issues of another that are smacking them in the face.  Derek gets Meredith (and Christina too). 
  • Meredith and Derek's "break-up": Okay, so this could totally blow up in my face.  But in this moment....this is what they need.  Meredith needs some of the pressure off of her.  She has all of this other crap and something has to give.  This has the potential to be a good thing.  They (and we) need to get back to the fun.  They need that silly chasing each other, crazy snarky sex of season one.  If they had walked away from each other, then yeah I would not be loving this.  But "breaking up" but not being able to let go of each other is actually a good sign in my opinion.  Because, we really know that underneath all the words, they really aren't leaving each other. They are taking away the pressure. 

Yeah, I'm totally hooked on this stupid show again.  But, I'm going forward with very, very cautious optimism. And I don't give third chances....

And "The Office"....just made of total win.  Between the run for rabies, Michael running over Meredith, office porn (sex tapes and Jim Halpert shirtless), and the absolute perfection that was Jim and Pam holding just doesn't get better than that...oh wait it does...that moment where they admit they're dating...that made it the best thing ever. 


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